​Iraq Say KRG Can’t Sell Oil Fields to Turkey

Millet Press

December 29, 2016


Haidar Al-Abadi spokesman stated, “Kurdistan Regional Government doesn’t have the authority to sell oil fields and it’s against Iraqi constitution.” His comments came following scandal revealed by whistle-blower Wikileaks showing that KDP Official and Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Natural Resources, Ashti Hawrami, proposed a project to his Turkish counterparts regarding selling parts of the oil fields’ divisions in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region for $5 billion.


According to the Wikileaks documents, the money that the KRG minister demanded from Turkey would be part of a loan paid to the KRG by the Turkish government.


Saad Hadithi spokesman of Iraqi government stated, “We have talked with Kurdistan government, about the subject, to clarify the rights or wrongs.”


Saad Hadithi also explains that Kurdistan government cannot bargain with oil fields without the permission of Iraqi government, and that it is in the Iraqi constitution that Kurdistan government must consult with federal government on any subjects related to oil.


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