Electing Kirkuk Provincial Council Must Take Place Soon: Rawand Mala Muhamad

Millet Press

April 30, 2019


Deputy head of PUK party organization center in Kirkuk, stressed that Kirkuk Provincial Council election must be held soon in the province.


Rawand Mala Muhamad, deputy head of PUK party organization center in Kirkuk, told Forat News Agency about electing Kirkuk Provincial Council and said that people of Kirkuk have been deprived of their democratic rights and stressed that electing the council must take place soon.  


Muhamad called some parties excuses for not holding an election in Kirkuk unfair and discrimination against people of Kirkuk.


He stressed that PUK has proofed during the last election that Kurds have major presence in the province and added that no party can decide against holding election in the province. 


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